Trees Are The Key Week 2021


Monday - Sunday, 15 - 21 Mar 2021



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What is Trees Are The Key Week?

Trees Are The Week is a new awareness week that runs from Monday to Sunday, 15-21 March 2021 and always embraces the 21 March – the International Day of Forests. Subsequent events will be held on:

  • 21-27 March 2022
  • 20-26 March 2023
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The forests were here before us and they will endure long after we are gone. Ancient woodlands hold the secret of serenity; we would do well to try to understand the pace of life for trees. Amidst all of our hurry and bustle, it is good to spend time amongst trees and just… breathe.

Simon West

What Happens on Trees Are The Key Week?

For more than a year, people the world over have endured unfathomable loss, sadness and pain. We know that when we head for the trees, they have the power to help us all in a variety of ways. Studies continue to provide evidence that trees have an incredible ability to boost our mental health and our physical wellbeing.

During the inaugural Trees Are The Key Awareness Week we’re going to unlock the science and the secrets behind how our local parks, woodlands and forests can lift our disposition, make us feel better, chill us out, keep us more focused and get our mind, body and spirit back on track.

Bookmark the 15th to the 21st March in your diary and join us for seven days of suggested activities that everyone can enjoy, even those of us who are unable to visit trees in person.

Who Organises Trees Are The Key Week?

Trees Are The Key Awareness Week is an initiative from Dorset-based environmental charity, The Word Forest Organisation. We plant trees, build schools, facilitate education and support women’s empowerment in rural Kenya. Aside from the building, we do much the same in the UK but on a smaller scale.

The charity is run by a passionate bunch of planet loving souls who believe trees are the key to far more than just mitigating climate chaos. In Kenya, the commodities from the trees are also helping eradicate hunger and poverty too. To see our positive impact in action, watch our documentary #TreesAreTheKey narrated by Kate Winslet.

Trees Are The Key Week narrated by Kate Winslet


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