Contribute to the Public Holiday Guide

We would love you to contribute to the Ultimate Public Holiday Guide.

And we aim to be just that – the most definitive, comprehensive guide to public holidays on the net! But not just public holidays. Oooohh no. We would love this to be a resource for all manner of bank holiday traditions, religious and non-religious festivals, awareness days and patron saints: Halloween, Pentecost, Valentine’s, Morris dancers, well dressings, cheese rolling and toe wrestling (yes, even toe wrestling).

We realise though it would be a huge task to do this ourselves (not that we’re not trying) and we invite you to contribute. In return you’ll get exposure for your event, church, mosque or temple, local event or whatever. Or perhaps you’re an academic or author and want to promote your work that in some way relates to the site? No problem. Your name can be posted as the author, you will get an authoritative link to your site and great exposure.

Briefly outline the holiday, festival or event date, frequency, and so on and what would make it interesting for people to read about or better understand. If we agree on the topic contributors will need to supply good hi-resolution image(s) and agree to have the content posted on this site (you get the drift etc. etc.). Photos, videos (preferably YouTube), and PDFs are all welcome.

We will review every article on its own merit, and also reserve the right to edit it.

Happy holidays.