National Writing Day 2021


Wednesday, 23 Jun 2021


United Kingdom

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What is National Writing Day?

National Writing Day in the United Kingdom is on Wednesday, 23 June 2021, and the day is a fantastic opportunity for students, teachers, established writers, and anyone who enjoys storytelling to put a pen to paper and get to work at honing their craft.

This year’s National Writing Day is two days after the country reopens! Use a quick, fun writing challenge to show anyone who wants to become a writer (or just enjoy writing every once in a while) that writing doesn’t have to be time-consuming and tedious – in fact, it can actually be fun.

Video: National Writing Day 2020

Why was National Writing Day Created?

National Writing Day was created by First Story, a London-based charity that works to encourage young people to write, both for pleasure and for personal agency.

While National Writing Day is geared toward anyone who wants to enjoy writing, First Story focuses on bringing creative writing opportunities to students in low-income communities. More than five million kids in Great Britain are considered part of low-income families. In addition to helping young people in low-income communities enjoy the writing process, First Story also works to encourage activities that promote literacy, self-confidence, and a belief in themselves, allowing them to rise to their highest potential.

When students begin writing, they don’t just pick up a new academic skill – they are developing a lifelong method of self-expression that can help them share their story with others. Learning to express oneself through writing can also help students develop curiosity, self-discipline, and a sense of ownership over their ability to affect their circumstances.

What’s the 2021 National Writing Day Theme?

The 2021 National Writing Day is rather scant on details but the 2020 theme was the #247challenge, a fun, quick activity that was perfect for parents and teachers who want to encourage young ones to get into the writing process.

The premise was simple: participants must write a story that’s just 24 words long, and that starts with the phrase, “One day.” The challenge: this process must be completed in just seven minutes.

Parents and teachers alike loved seeing the creativity that was able to shine through in just 24 words, and students loved the challenge of getting their point across so quickly.

After their story or poem was complete, participants shared by taking a picture of their writing and posting it to social media with the hashtags #247challenge and #nationalwritingday.

Who Benefits from National Writing Day?

Students across the United Kingdom benefit from National Writing Day. Young learners aren’t the only ones who benefit, however – anyone who is inspired to pick up a pen and take part in the challenge will get their creative juices flowing, providing them with a great starting point to get into the habit of regular creative writing.

How Can You Get Involved With National Writing Day?

Share the Day with others and be sure to participate yourself! Use these parent and teacher guides to help others understand how to get their young writers involved in the challenge.

In addition to spreading awareness, those who are able can make a financial contribution to First Story to support writing education across the United Kingdom.