National Insect Week 2021


Monday - Sunday, 21 - 27 Jun 2021


United Kingdom

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When is National Insect Week?

This year, National Insect Week runs from Monday-Sunday, 21 to 27 June 2021. National Insect Week occurs every other year and is organised by the Royal Entomological Society.

There are both online and in-person events created for entomologists, biologists, and anyone interested in learning more about how important insects are to the health of the environment.

Video: What is an insect?
Video: Why are insects important?

Why Was National Insect Week Created?

National Insect Week was created in 2014 to both educate citizens of the UK about the important role that insects play in the ecosystem, and to raise awareness of the connections between conservation, insect science, and natural history.

While fear of insects is normal, education can be the first step toward helping people understand how valuable creepy-crawly critters are to the environment. The education provided during National Insect Week doesn’t just help people lower their feat of insects – it can also help to create a new generation of insect enthusiasts committed to the conservation of all creatures, big and small.

Who Benefits From National Insect Week?

Both people and the smallest animal citizens of the United Kingdom – insects – benefit from National Insect Week. Educational resources abound for anyone who wants to learn more about insects. While there are many learning activities for young learners, it’s never too late to find out more about the world around you. Be sure to check out National Insect Week’s educational resources.

Check Out These Interesting Insect Facts

Nervous around bugs? You’re not alone! While many people are a little anxious around insects, most bugs aren’t out to hurt you, and learning a little more about these little critters can help to ease your fears.

Check out these interesting facts about insects in the United Kingdom:

  • Have you ever noticed that when you see one ant, more are on the way? When ants find a food source, it leaves a trail that its nestmates can follow to get their share of the newfound snack
  • Bumblebee queens aren’t just responsible for mating – they’re also in charge of choosing new spaces to build nests. After queens finish their underground winter hibernation, they emerge and build nests to lay the first eggs of the season
  • Have a hornet’s nest nearby? You might want to think twice before dismantling it. Hornets only sting humans if they’re attacked, and are great at keeping other bugs at bay

How to Participate in National Insect Week

Do you want to learn more about insects, or would you like to go further and host your own National Insect Week event?

Check out these options to get involved: