National Careers Week 2022


Monday - Saturday, 07 - 12 Mar 2022


United Kingdom

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When Is National Careers Week?

Some young people preparing to complete their education haven’t spent much time thinking about where they’d like to go with their career, and National Careers Week provides free resources to help students learn more about career paths that may be a good fit for them.

National Careers Week is an annual UK event and celebrated its 10th anniversary lasy year. It runs from Monday-Saturday, 7-12 March 2022. National Careers Week celebrates career guidance for young people, helping them to explore different career paths that may make sense for their interests.

While National Careers Week is a great time to begin building an employment path, resources are available year-round to help students learn more about how they’d like to contribute to society after they finish their education.

Who Created National Careers Week?

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance, or CEIAG, is a network of programs across educational institutions in the UK to help young people make smart, satisfying career decisions.

Who Benefits From National Careers Week?

Both younger and older students can benefit from the resources and activities of National Careers Week. For young students, CEIAG provides resources that show diverse professionals in their career fields, allowing students to see themselves in career fields that they may not have previously considered. Middle age students can benefit from CEIAG resources that allow them to consider what career paths may be available in their current favourite subject areas.

For older students, National Careers Week provides even more options to prepare them for life after education. Both students taking a traditional university path and those who are interested in other options can benefit from National Careers Week resources and events. Career skills that many established adults take for granted – such as understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses, handling disagreements in the workplace in a professional manner, and even shaking hands properly – are all addressed during National Careers Week.

What’s The #NCW2022 Pledge Campaign?

At time of writing no details had yet been given of the 2022 event.

However, for last year’s event guidance counsellors and teachers celebrated National Careers Week by participating in the event’s pledge campaign. This pledge campaign isn’t about donating money, rather, it’s about donating time and knowledge that can help students explore their employment options.

Event organisers and educators can pledge to bring students, parents, professionals, local business owners, and others in the community together for networking and education. You can download a pledge card to share your commitment to #NCW2021 on your social media platforms.

Get Involved With National Careers Week

If you’re a parent or an educator, you’re doing the right thing by engaging your child in National Careers Week. All resources for National Careers Week are available online at no charge, making it easy to help student take steps in the right direction when it comes to their long-term career paths.

If you’re a student who is interested in learning more about a career field, or you simply want to explore your options before choosing an area of study, you can participate in National Careers Week by participating in the event’s Virtual Career Fair to learn more about your options.