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Is Easter Sunday a Bank Holiday?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings folks but no, Easter Sunday is not a bank holiday in the UK, nor is it a public holiday, but it is an important day in the Christian calendar and many people take a long weekend off work with Good Friday and Easter Monday.

School holidays mark Easter as a holiday but given that it’s a moveable feast, the date can vary considerably.

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Easter Bank Holidays 2018

Friday30 MarchGood FridayAll UK
Sunday1 AprilEaster Sunday(Not a bank holiday)
Monday2 AprilEaster MondayAll UK (ex. Scotland)


Easter Bank Holidays 2019

Friday19 AprilGood FridayAll UK
Sunday21 AprilEaster Sunday(Not a bank holiday)
Monday22 AprilEaster MondayAll UK (ex. Scotland)


Easter Bank Holidays 2020

Friday10 AprilGood FridayAll UK
Sunday12 AprilEaster Sunday(Not a bank holiday)
Monday13 AprilEaster MondayAll UK (ex. Scotland)


Despite Easter being one of the most important events in the Christian calendar it is not a bank holiday. Both Good Friday and Easter Monday are bank holidays, but not Easter Sunday.

The development of bank holidays began with the Bank Holidays Act of 1871 when the Right Honourable Sir John Lubbock MP proposed a list of statutory holidays to be taken throughout the UK and Ireland. Initially this included Easter Monday in England, Wales and Ireland, and Good Friday in Scotland.

To quote Wikipedia “The Act did not include Good Friday … as bank holidays in England, Wales, or Ireland because they were already recognised as common law holidays: they had been customary holidays since before records began.”

For a full history of the evolution of UK bank holidays please click here.

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Previous Years' Easter Holidays

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Easter 2016
Friday25 MarchGood FridayAll UK
Sunday27 MarchEaster Sunday(Not a bank holiday)
Monday28 MarchEaster MondayAll UK (ex. Scotland)

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