The Ultimate Public Holiday Guide

This is it folks. The ultimate public holiday guide. Everything you ever wanted to know about, see or do on a bank holiday in the UK is here. Want to see and understand all the major bank holidays and what’s going on in and around your region? Want to find out more about the the history of the bank holiday, or when Halloween is and why we have Valentine’s Day? The you’ve come to the right place.

Religious and non-religious festivals, local traditions and customs, and of course our formidable patron saints. It’s all here.

Scroll down, click around, have fun and make the most of your bank holiday!

  • The Ultimate Public Holiday Guide
    UK Bank Holidays and Public Holidays
  • Religious Festivals at the Ultimate Public Holiday Guide
    UK Religious Festivals
  • Popular non-religious festivals at the Ultimate Public Holiday Guide
    UK Non-Religious Festivals
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    UK Patron Saints

Below you’ll find a list of posts and articles relating to bank holidays, religious events, customs, traditions and more. The website is always expanding so do check back soon for more. We’re also always keen to hear from you so if you’re a budding military historian, cheese rolling aficionado, expert Morris dancer or world record toe wrestling champion we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to write a guest post and feel you could contribute. In return we can provide you with a link to your site, tweet(s) and Facebook posts among many things.

If you’d like to submit an event we’re always keen to share as well. So do get in touch.

UK Bank Holidays 2020

Categories: Bank Holidays|

OMG! It's 2020 already. It only seems like yesterday we were celebrating the millennium, fretting about Y2K and the impending collapse of the global computer network (who remembers that?), and the doom-mongers amongst us forecasting the world would come to an abrupt end.

UK Bank Holidays 2019

Categories: Bank Holidays|

The weather may not always be great on a British bank holiday but that won't deter Fido and Benjy from making the most of it. Click here to find a complete list of bank holiday dates in the UK in 2019.

UK Bank Holidays 2018

Categories: Bank Holidays|

See the 2018 public holiday dates here. And what a superb time to get out and about. Get some fresh air, take the dog for a walk. Do something a little different perhaps.

UK Bank Holidays 2017

Categories: Bank Holidays|

A complete list of bank and public holiday dates in the UK for 2017. It's a great time to go and see family and friends. Let your hair down. Maybe have a couple of cold ones if that's your thing, and fingers crossed the weather will be good enough for a barbecue!

UK Bank Holidays 2016

Categories: Bank Holidays|

Don't you just love bank holidays! Click here to find out when the 2016 UK bank holidays are. Get out, brush off the cobwebs, perhaps do something a little different. But most of all, have fun!

Things to do on May Bank Holiday

Categories: Bank Holidays, Events|

Things to do on May Bank Holiday weekend around the UK. Sort by region and activity to choose from a range of family, sporty, indoor or outdoor events.


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